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Steriline Safechase Lure System Case Study

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In 2014, Greyhound Racing SA (GRSA) initiated a project with local engineering firm, Steriline Racing, to design a modern and innovative replacement for existing cable and bramich lure systems. With the assistance of Covey Engineering, the first steps were taken towards developing a self-propelled, battery-operated lure carriage, operated by remote control, that could be used on existing lure rail infrastructure.

The unit eliminates the need for a high-speed cable to propel a lure, thereby mitigating one of our most significant operational risk elements for both racing greyhounds and raceday (human) operatives. GRSA’s commitment to build a new facility in Murray Bridge provided the perfect opportunity to progress this new lure technology and introduce it on the new straight track. Over many months, the teams at Steriline Racing and Covey Engineering worked in unison with the staff at Murray Bridge to refine the technology to a point wherein it was ready for trialling and racing. On 24th July 2019, the new remote/ battery lure was successfully launched at the first ever race meeting conducted on the Murray Bridge straight track. Given the overwhelming success of this new technology, GRSA has embarked on a program of progressively rolling out the SafeChase lure to all SA tracks.