Greyhound Lure
Battery Powered Remote Controlled
Greyhound Lure
Customisable Lure Arms
Customisable Lure Arms
Remote Controlled
Remote Controlled Operation
Rail Guide Sysytem
Optimised Rail Guide System
Lithium Battery
Rapid Charge High Capacity Lithium Battery
Automatic Braking
Automatic Braking
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About the Safechase™ Battery Operated Remote Controlled Greyhound Lure

Benefits of the Safechase™ Lure System

Some of the many benefits of the Safechase™ Lure System over the traditional cable and live electric contact systems include:

  • Countless savings based around revenue loss due to failures as all tracks are supplied with 2 Safechase™ Greyhound Lures and they are interchangeable in a matter of minutes in comparison to the traditional systems where a failure could see the loss of a whole race meeting.
  • A reduction of up to 50% in maintenance and operational costs over 5 years.
  • Removes the safety and animal welfare issue of a 70km/h cable failure at the perimeter of the track.
  • Reduced infrastructure for new tracks by not requiring cable rollers every 3m and avoiding 3 phase power demand for a 30-45kW electric motor.
  • Less track length and therefore capital required for straight tracks due to the minimal run-up required for acceleration and braking.
  • Safechase™ Greyhound Lure can navigate tight rail curves of down to 14m radius without jeopardising acceleration rates meaning limited land required for straight track run-ups.
  • Infrastructure is safe from vandalism as the Safechase™ Greyhound Lure is easily removed from the track at the end of each race day.
  • Allows easy use of the inner oval/space where available or required.
  • The Safechase™ Greyhound Lure system uses approximately 87% less energy than the cable system which saves on running costs and delivers a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Clean operation with no rail or track contamination (grease).
  • Future options utilising the on-board power supply for lure cam (live broadcasting), artificial noise and additional lighting.

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