Greyhound Lure
Battery Powered Remote Controlled
Greyhound Lure
Customisable Lure Arms
Customisable Lure Arms
Remote Controlled
Remote Controlled Operation
Rail Guide Sysytem
Optimised Rail Guide System
Lithium Battery
Rapid Charge High Capacity Lithium Battery
Automatic Braking
Automatic Braking
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About the Safechase™ Battery Operated Remote Controlled Greyhound Lure

How does a traditional lure system work?

Traditionally, greyhound racing lure systems comprise a carriage usually covered in fabric or fur that is mounted to a steel cable. The cable is pulled around the track by a large electric motor, with a series of spindles or pulleys around the rail maintaining the cable’s tension.

There are numerous moving parts, making the cable lure system both expensive to operate and maintain, with significant risk to safety of nearby animals and people should the cable system fail.

A snapped cable can also result in downtime and significant revenue losses for operators and betting agencies.


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