Greyhound Lure
Battery Powered Remote Controlled
Greyhound Lure
Customisable Lure Arms
Customisable Lure Arms
Remote Controlled
Remote Controlled Operation
Rail Guide Sysytem
Optimised Rail Guide System
Lithium Battery
Rapid Charge High Capacity Lithium Battery
Automatic Braking
Automatic Braking
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About the Safechase™ Battery Operated Remote Controlled Greyhound Lure

The Safechase™ Greyhound Racing Lure System

Steriline Racing, in partnership with Covey Engineering, has developed a state-of-the-art, battery powered, remote controlled greyhound racing lure, known as the Safechase Lure System, specifically designed for greyhound track racing.

Steriline and Covey have been working together for nearly 20 years to provide safe, reliable, high quality equipment and products to the greyhound racing industry both in Australia and around the world.

The Australian designed and manufactured Safechase™ Lure System is a self-contained machine that has no other infrastructure except for the rail that it runs along.

It is a remotely controlled electric vehicle powered by modern rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology. It requires no cable or live electric contact systems, improving safety for both animals and people and reducing operating and maintenance costs.


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