We were the first track in the world to use the Safechase Lure in both trials and racing. The system has been operational in a racing environment here at Murray Bridge for more than 2 years and we are very happy with the reliability over this period. There were some minor problems at the beginning that we worked through with Steriline and Covey with but now the system is working perfectly. - Darren Pearce (Track Manager/ Lure Driver - GRSA) - Murray Bridge, SA

The automatic lure braking both at the end of the race and when reversing back for the start of the next race is a huge help. Automation means I can let the lure stop itself so I don’t need to worry about the end of the track so I can focus on driving throughout the race. We are also very surprised how we can consistently get about 80 trials out of 1 battery. - Denis Roberts (Lure Driver - GRNSW) – Richmond Straight, NSW

During the commissioning of our lures, we requested several changes to the performance and control parameters to make it feel similar to driving our old cable system. The Safechase Lure actually feels easier to drive because you have better and more responsive control over the speed. The regenerative brake and reverse functions are game changers. The LED lighting is also a big help on the foggy mornings. - Alex White (Lure Driver - GRNSW) – Grafton Round, NSW