The Safechase Lure System

The Safechase™ Greyhound Lure is a state of the art battery powered remote controlled greyhound lure specifically developed for greyhound racing. 

The Safechase™ Greyhound Lure system has had safety at the forefront of every design decision especially for the greyhounds that chase it.

Modern greyhound racing is a competitive sport for greyhounds, or similar dogs, in which the greyhound chases a mechanically operated lure around or along a sand or grass track of between 300m to 650m in length. The sport aims to preserve and demonstrate the abilities for which greyhounds were originally bred.

The traditional greyhound lure system (cable lure) comprises fabric or fur mounted to a carriage which is fixed to a steel cable. The cable is drawn around the track by a large electric motor with a series of spindles and pulleys around the rail maintaining the tension on the cable. As there are numerous moving parts and friction, the cable lure system is expensive to operate and maintain and the cable poses a serious safety hazard if it were to fail. When the lure is operating, failed cables can cause significant injury to nearby animals and people and are a significant OHS and animal welfare issue. Snapped cables present significant revenue losses for operators and betting agencies as a result of downtime.


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